Chapter 108: Appointment

Chapter 108: Appointment

Shi Mingfeng agreed.

After Su Chen revealed his own trump card, Shi Mingfeng agreed, as expected.

Shi Mingfeng was a Bloodline Nobility Clan member, but the benefits his background gave him were much lower than the benefits his status gave him.

Shi Mingfeng was clear what kind of effect a technique for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline would create, but how could that compare with a few hundred million Origin Stones?

He didn’t care much about the future of the human race. His own future, however, he was already clear about - he was going to make a huge amount of money, which he could use to buy a lot of cultivation resources and increase his strength. Breaking into the Spirit Burning Realm was no longer just a far-off dream!

Soon after, Shi Mingfeng and Su Chen reached...

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