Chapter 107: Sentimental Attraction

Chapter 107: Sentimental Attraction


Tea sprayed out of Night Demon’s mouth. Su Chen was prepared, however, and a Crystal Wall appeared from him - he had learned that from Patelocke.

When faced with Night Demon’s “water arrow” attack, Su Chen said helplessly, “You don’t need to act so surprised.”

“Five hundred million Origin Stones!!” Night Demon howled. “Are you crazy? How could the Immortal Temple give you that much money?”

Did the Immortal Temple have five hundred million Origin Stones?

The answer was yes!

Of course they did!

To truly powerful organizations, five hundred million was a sum that wasn’t unreachable.

But to an Origin Qi Scholar at the Blood Boiling Realm, this sum was enough to totally overwhelm a large group of them.

If Su Chen had that much money - no, one-fifth that much, hordes of experts from the Immortal Temple would be...

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