Chapter 106: Complete

Chapter 106: Complete

A method for reaching the Light Shaking Realm without a bloodline had been completed.

When he heard this, Su Chen felt a rumble in his mind.

Even though he had made mental preparations for this, Su Chen still felt disbelief and incredulity when the good news came.

Had another one of the locks restricting the human race for so long been unlocked?

Su Chen felt his eyes moisten upon seeing the past eight years of difficult research finally bear fruit.

He could sense that beneath Shi Kaihuang’s calm expression was a similarly great excitement that he could barely suppress!

They had developed a method for reaching the Yang Opening Realm without a bloodline!

This was far different from developing a method for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline.

This was because before Kaihuang’s Heaven, the human race already had methods for reaching the Blood Boiling Realm without a bloodline. Unfortunately, the success rate was too low, and if they failed...

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