Chapter 105: Complete (1)

Chapter 105: Complete (1)

It was impossible for a person to absorb every last nutrient from the food that they consumed. Similarly, Patelocke couldn’t possibly absorb all of his memories and knowledge, but he could still absorb quite a bit.

Silence’s knowledge was extremely varied, but after getting rid of the unnecessary components, Patelocke helped organize the content that Su Chen wanted - Silence’s research insights and his Ancient Arcana Techniques.

Even though it wasn’t complete, it was close enough. Su Chen was confident that he could fill in the gaps.

With Silence’s memories, Su Chen finally knew why Silence had appeared here.

Silence was a wandering Spirit Race individual. That wasn’t that strange. Most of the Spirit Race individuals were used to wandering.

Apart from wandering, Silence wanted to recover the Reproductive Temple.

This wasn’t weird either. Su Chen had realized this when he had seen the metal block.

Silence had always been researching how to use other methods to replace the Birth Mothers, including the human race. For this, he had created a massive research lab and had conducted all kinds...

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