Chapter 104: Swallow Up

Chapter 104: Swallow Up

Everyone began to leave when they saw that the situation had been resolved.

Only Su Chen, who was collecting the instruments in the research lab, remained. He had said that these materials needed to be carefully handled to preserve their usefulness; otherwise, it would result in colossal waste. He had then proceeded to list out a bunch of different herb names, giving everyone who heard it a headache.

Before leaving, Ji Hanyan asked him quietly, “What skill did you use earlier?”

“What skill?” Su Chen wore a confused expression.

“Still pretending?” Ji Hanyan glanced at him disdainfully. “What was that white energy? I’ve never seen you use that skill before.”

Su Chen laughed, “Every person has their own secrets. Is there a need to get to the bottom of this?”

Ji Hanyan punched him. “I’m not the only one who saw. You’d better be ca...

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