Chapter 103: Pursuit (8)

Chapter 103: Pursuit (8)

As soon as the black ball of light appeared, Su Chen could sense that this unassuming ball of light contained an incredible amount of energy.

If he allowed it to hit him, his body would probably shatter into pieces.

At this point, there was no time for him to dodge or use Whitetower Teleportation. The ball of energy was just about to his him when a blood-colored glow suddenly appeared behind him. A blurry shadow could be seen within the blood-colored light, but it was impossible to figure out what it was. The shadow seemed to be leaping.

Simultaneously, Su Chen tilted his head back and howled.

With this loud yell, white energy surged out of his mouth, slamming into the black ball of energy.

The black energy and the white energy slammed into each other, generating violent shockwaves...

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