Chapter 102: Pursuit (7)

Chapter 102: Pursuit (7)

An Siyuan slowing down his movements gave the people from the Investigations Bureau tremendous pressure.

Cries of pain and torment could be heard echoing throughout the fog.

Chen Wenhui’s heart hurt, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from this battle without sacrificing a few lives.

The only difference was how many lives that was.

Chen Wenhui hoped that he could keep this number as low as possible.

As such, he made his move.

A blue-greenish lotus flew forward from between his brows, constantly growing and spinning in the air and emitting rays of light. It descended in the middle of the strange fog and began to glow with a cold light.

Where the cold light landed, the fiends retreated. They found it hard to endure, and howls of anger and fright could be heard from within the fog. However, there was nothing they could do.

This was Chen...

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