Chapter 101: Pursuit (6)

Chapter 101: Pursuit (6)

An illusion formation!

When they heard this, everyone understood.

What gloomy cavern? What Crystal Labyrinth? It was all an illusion.

This sly Spirit Race individual had tricked them from the very beginning.

He had set up a large illusion formation here. As soon as they entered the mountains, they were brought into the illusion formation. Everything was staged and orchestrated by the illusion formation.

No wonder An Siyuan couldn’t beat this Spirit Race individual even as a Light Shaking Realm cultivator. Within the illusion formation, what they fought with wasn’t raw physical power but consciousness power and imagination.

“So it was all an illusion technique!” An Siyuan also understood immediately.

What damn Specter Demon Claw? What Void Han? They were all illusions generated by the illusion formation that had defeated them one after...

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