Chapter 100: Pursuit (5)

Chapter 100: Pursuit (5)

The massive blood-colored Demonic Beast emerged in front of them all, forcefully enduring An Siyuan’s attack. Even though An Siyuan was powerful, he wasn’t able to obtain an advantage.

Even though they knew that the Spirit Race were quite proficient in controlling other lifeforms, it was quite shocking for a low-status Spirit Race individual to be able to control such a powerful lifeform.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

An Siyuan launched punches in a frenzy, his Overlord Fists booming with power. “Attack at full force! His Crystal Labyrinth can’t regenerate indefinitely!”

Everyone yelled and charged forward.

They all though the same way as An Siyuan. There was no such thing as true invulnerability; the Crystal Labyrinth’s regeneration time and time again undoubtedly consumed a...

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