Chapter 99: Pursuit (4)

Chapter 99: Pursuit (4)

An Siyuan was totally enraged.

As the City Lord, he had his own dignity. If his subordinates could handle the situation, he wouldn’t casually make a move himself.

However, the current situation had clearly exceeded what they could handle. In just an instant, they had already lost four individuals, but they hadn’t even managed to touch Silence yet.

They had such a large formation and a huge numbers advantage, but they were basically offering their heads up to Silence and allowing him to get his money’s worth before he died.

Every person that died was a smudge to An Siyuan’s honor.

Even if Lu Qingguang hadn’t yelled, he would have attacked anyways.

He clenched his right hand and punched out at the Crystal Labyrinth in front of him.

The simple and direct punch contained a frightening amount...

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