Chapter 98: Pursuit (2)

Chapter 98: Pursuit (2)

How could this be?

An astonished expression appeared on Lu Qingguang’s face.

“Are you surprised?” Silence smiled slightly. “Ignorant human. You are blindly convinced that you’re powerful, but you never learned how to temper your heart. If you don’t actually know my position, how can you possibly attack me?”

As he spoke, countless crystalline walls emerged from the walls. Behind every crystal wall was a Silence.

These Silences stood behind the crystal walls and spoke simultaneously, light refracting brilliantly off the glass. It was like they were in a room filled with countless mirrors, but the image in the mirrors weren’t themselves but rather their opponent.

“Crystal Labyrinth?” Su Chen burst out.

“Oh? There’s a kid here who knows Ancient Arcana Techniques?” Silence stared at Su Chen with some shock.

Yes, Silence was currently using the advanced edition of Crystal Wall. The Crystal Labyrinth...

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