Chapter 96: Pursuit (1)

Chapter 96: Pursuit (1)

Little South Mountain.

Su Chen pointed at a craggy mountain path and said, “Yu Wei took this path in the illusion, but he didn’t go all the way down. Because I don’t know anything about the Little South Mountain, I wasn’t able to produce any more detailed content.

“As long as we have the direction, things will be easy enough. Leave the rest to my people,” Ji Hanyan nodded at the people behind her. A group of people wearing Investigations Bureau uniforms entered the mountain.

Ji Hanyan had taken twelve people with her on this expedition. They were few in number, but they were all elites, and the weakest one was a Qi Drawing Realm cultivator.

The rarest of all was that these people were all extremely skilled in investigative techniques. They were very experienced in pursuing people.

The twelve patrolmen dispersed in all directions and very quickly disappeared into the depths of Little South...

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