Chapter 95: Coercion and Trickery

Chapter 95: Coercion and Trickery

A gust of wind blew by, scattering the ashes. Only Gui Dashan and two others were left.

Li the Fourth died.

He hadn’t died to Yu Wei’s dagger, but rather the deformed monsters that had appeared afterwards. Because of his wounds, he had no way of extricating himself, and he had been devoured by those monsters.

By the time Su Chen had turned them to ashes, all that remained of Li the Fourth was half of a body.

When Su Chen saw this, his heart involuntarily sank.

If Li the Fourth’s cultivation base had been a bit higher, he might not have needed to die. Su Chen could easily have helped him accomplish this, but he had ignored it.

“I’ll leave Li the Fourth’s posthumous matters to you all. Just do what you did with Old Third. Go ahead and take all the things within...

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