Chapter 94: Obstruction

Chapter 94: Obstruction

A fear-inducing pressure emanated from the smoke as shrill screams and mournful howls could be heard coming from within the smoke, as if there were countless ghosts hidden inside.

“There’s something in the smoke!” Jin the Fifth yelled loudly.

He was the first one to experience the strange circumstances within the smoke.

These existences weren’t describable. They couldn’t be seen or touched, but they could harm him. He felt as if something was eating him alive, yet had no way of attacking them. All he could do was furiously wave his battle blade around. One of his arms was already beginning to decay at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Quick, retreat!” Gui Dashan yelled frantically.

“You still think you can get away?” Yu Wei said darkly from within the smoke. “Since the Imprisoned Fiend Fog has already spread, you’d better sit there obediently...

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