Chapter 93: Discovery

Chapter 93: Discovery

Within the Evil Tiger Gang’s main storehouses.

Yu Wei carefully undid the restrictions. The Origin Formations Disk shone with a bright light.

As this light began to spread like water, an invisible door on the main storehouse’s walls silently opened.

Yu Wei’s face revealed an excited smile.

The Evil Tiger Gang’s main storehouse was guarded extremely tightly. Even if he was a storehouse guard, he couldn’t possibly steal from the storehouses as he pleased. In reality, he was only responsible for the outer storehouses. The treasures within the interior storehouse were personally overseen by Jin Zhongyi.

After Jin Zhongyi had been killed, the Evil Tiger Gang was thrown into chaos. The deputy leaders of the gang fought for power to try and take the leader position for themselves. However, because of Jin Zhongyi’s narrow style, no Yang Opening Realm cultivators or above were admitted, so all...

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