Chapter 92: Clues

Chapter 92: Clues

After killing Jin Zhongyi, Iron Cliff tossed the corpse aside. “Take the alive ones away!”

Not many people in the alleyway were standing. Those who could run had run a long time ago. Those who could not run were crawling on the ground and whimpering.

Zhou Hong walked over and knocked them out one by one, then tossed them into the cart out back - they were going to be turned into research subjects as per usual.

If it weren’t for the fact that Su Chen needed to completely intimidate the criminal gangs, Jin Zhongyi might have already been laid out on Su Chen’s research workbench. Furthermore, if he were lucky and an experiment were completed, giving him some kind of additional abilities, he might even survive to become one of Su Chen’s underlings.

Unfortunately, these if’s didn’t matter in this world. Since Su Chen’s plan required that he be...

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