Chapter 91: Slaughtering the Tiger (2)

Chapter 91: Slaughtering the Tiger (2)

As the boss of the Evil Tiger Gang, Jin Zhongyi wasn’t as impulsive as the image of his gang might suggest.

He was very clear that the world was very big and experts were everywhere. He himself was a Yang Opening Realm expert, yet there were a bunch of people in Clear River City alone that could wipe him out.

As such, Jin Zhongyi could always stretch or pull back. He was savage, but also had the capacity to make decisions.

Because of this, Jin Zhongyi was never above talking things out.

Unexpectedly, his opponent wasn’t willing to listen to reason and attacked immediately, both shocking and infuriating Jin Zhongyi. Dammit, who exactly was the criminal? How come this brawny guy is even more unreasonable than we are?

Even as he was infuriated, however, he prepared himself for battle.

A black tiger afterimage appeared behind him - the Black Flame Tiger.

Unlike other gang leaders, who had mixed bloodlines, Jin Zhongyi’s bloodline was pure. He was one of the members of the Black Flame Tiger Clan. He had raped and murdered his older brother’s wife before leaving his clan, forcing him to flee and come to Clear...

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