Chapter 90: Slaughtering the Tiger (1)

Chapter 90: Slaughtering the Tiger (1)

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

The sound of muffled blows echoed through the alleyway.

After a brief moment, Zhou Hong stopped and said, “I got it out of them. They are from the Evil Tiger Gang, but they’re just doing a routine shakedown. They don’t actually know who owns this shop.”

Li Shu laughed coldly, “The big shots haven’t even showed up yet, but the small fry are already at our door.”

“Once we take care of these guys, more small fry will show up very soon,” Zhou Hong said.

“Let Young Master know. He’ll have something planned.”

Not long afterwards, Su Chen’s plan arrived - he had sent Iron Cliff.

This made feel a bit at a loss for words.

Even though the Evil Tiger Gang was only a second-rate gang in Clear River City, they still had a few experts amongst their ranks. No matter how strong Iron Cliff was, he was still just in the Blood Boiling Realm; fighting off that many...

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