Chapter 89: Setting Up Shop

Chapter 89: Setting Up Shop

Three days later, Su Chen finally stepped out of the research lab.

When he saw Su Chen appear, Li Shu hurried over and said, “Young Master has finally come out.”

“Has anything happened recently?” Su Chen asked as he used a grooming technique to clean off the filth on his body.

“Vice Commander Ji and Cloud Leopard both came to find you, but not for any important reasons. The Origin Bureau has been quite peaceful as well; a few small commotions came up, but Cloud Leopard took care of them. Everyone knows now that the Secret Task Force supports Young Master. Their influence is great enough that even the Bloodline Nobility Clans are apprehensive......”

“Pick what’s important to tell me,” Su Chen began to take care of his fingernails and hair after using the grooming technique.

“Shen Yuanhong returned a few days ago.”

“Oh? He didn’t die?” Su Chen arched his eyebrow. “What a pity.

Even though...

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