Chapter 88: Breakthrough

Chapter 88: Breakthrough

After obtaining Jiang Xishui, Su Chen once again immersed himself into his research lab.

This time, he went in for thirty days.

During these thirty days, he spent almost all his time researching and basically didn’t eat or drink. He relied totally on the powerful physique of an Origin Qi Scholar and expended countless resources. Thankfully, Clear River City was already a place of production for resources; thankfully, Su Chen had a resource village that belonged to himself; and thankfully, Su Chen had enough money. Otherwise, these thirty days of research would have been enough to bankrupt some smaller clans completely.

“Three drops of Blood Boiling Solvent.”

Within the research lab, Su Chen’s voice was a bit hoarse, but it was still clear and distinct and full of self-confidence.

His hands began to cup together, a...

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