Chapter 87: Luo You

Chapter 87: Luo You

The human race’s most powerful bloodline was from the Origin Beast, the Shining Dragon. There was no dispute over this point.

Beneath Origin Beasts, however, Demonic Emperor’s weren’t the most powerful; rather, Desolate Beast Bloodlines were.

The Prehistoric Beasts were the overlords of the Primordial Continent once the Origin Beasts disappeared. For a long period of time, they were the nightmare of the various Intelligent Races. As Origin Energy continued to decay and the world could no longer support Desolate Beasts, the Primordial Continent finally reached a state where the Intelligent Races could begin to rise.

In that period of time, where the rulers were changing, the remaining Desolate Beasts began to fight with the newly rising races.

Unlike with the Origin Beast, which had singlehandedly wiped out the Arcana Kingdom, the Intelligent Races...

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