Chapter 86: Desolate

Chapter 86: Desolate

Yes, Su Chen had said all that just to trick Jiang Xishui into becoming the pirate head of the Third River Army.

The current situation of the Lingyuan Marsh was very complicated.

After the Lingyuan Marsh’s massive battle, all of the major pirate groups had been seriously affected. Only the Third River Army maintained their original vigor. This was the perfect time to shuffle the deck again.

Su Chen didn’t dare allow the Third River Army to emerge, however, and continued to hide and pretend that they had also suffered serious losses because of his apprehension about those Light Shaking Realm freaks from the Bloodline Nobility Clans. Those Light Shaking Realm cultivators might not care about a few losses here or there, but if anyone touched their lifeline, they absolutely would not accept it.

Lingyuan Marsh was closely tied to the transport of goods on the waterways. Even if the Clear River Bloodline Nobility Clans couldn’t control it singlehandedly, they wouldn’t allow it to totally slip out of their control.

Under these circumstances, Su Chen...

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