Chapter 82: Threat of Light Shaking

Chapter 82: Threat of Light Shaking

After the large battle at Lingyuan Marsh, the influence of the various pirate groups underwent a big shuffle.

The Jade Mountain and Qingyuan armies had suffered heavy losses, the Third River Army had gone into hiding, and the Black River Army had oddly been destroyed. The four main powers on the water had disappeared simultaneously, causing countless little forces to begin to vy for supremacy, causing a lot of turmoil and strife.

However, this no longer had anything to do with Su Chen.

After ordering the temporary dormancy of the Third River Army and sending off Tang Ming and the others, Su Chen once again returned to his life of doing experiments every day. Occasionally, he would go to the Origin Bureau to take care of some official business or conflicts between Origin Qi Scholars to preserve justice, as well as to suppress the Bloodline...

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