Chapter 81: A Way to Survive

Chapter 81: A Way to Survive

Outside of Clear River City, at the Ten Kilometers Pavilion.

A ceremonious farewell was happening.

Tang Ming, Zhou Juanjia, Ma Xuan, Wei Yang, Jiang Hanfeng, and Ling Yan stood on the side of the road, facing Su Chen, Cloud Leopard, Wu Xiao, Zhao Xin, and Gan Haoli, who were seeing them off. Wu Xiao and the others were one year younger still, so they could stay in Clear River City for another year.

“After I go back and graduate, I’ll request to be stationed here in Clear River City to help you deal with those Bloodline Nobility Clans,” Tang Ming said.

Su Chen shook his head. “There’s no need. Every person has their own road they need to walk; it’s not appropriate for me to ask you to waste so much time here just for a friend. This past year, you all helped me build up a fleet in a short period of time and took control of Lingyuan Marsh, alleviating a lot of the pressure on me. The Third River Army now has a solid foundation built beneath...

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