Chapter 78: Gloves

Chapter 78: Gloves

“Blurp, blurp!”

The molten Comet Metal was poured into a prepared mold, then placed into a box of ice to quickly cool it.

The molten Comet Metal was then pulled out just before it solidified and poured into a new solution and mixed, forming a gel-like substance that slowly began to harden.

A specialized needle was drawn across the surface of the gel, forming intricate and complicated patterns.

“Focus on controlling your output of Origin Energy. The inscriptions themselves aren’t the most important, but the amount of Origin Energy you put in. The purpose of the inscriptions are to give the Origin Energy a pathway; there can be blocked pathways as long as the endpoint is the same. Focus on the Origin Energy!” Patelocke said quietly.

“The instructors in the Hidden Dragon Institute believe that the most talented formation masters are those who can draw the most accurate inscriptions....

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