Chapter 77: Sudden Emergence

Chapter 77: Sudden Emergence

An hour later.

The turbulent surface of the lake finally calmed down again.

A massive crocodile nearly sixty meters in length swam calmly in the water and got next to “Longwind,” swishing its tail in the water like a dog. It had lost all of its earlier berserk and tyrannical aura.

“Whew, we finally suceeded,” Zhou Juanjia said, wiping off the sweat from her forehead. “It’s still far too difficult for me to fully control a mid-tier Demonic Beast with my current strength; it took me three Spirit Sobering Medicines to conquer it.”

“It’s still a mid-tier Demonic Beast no matter how you look at it. How could it be easy to control? Now that you have control of this guy, however, you probably won’t need to switch it out for a long time. That’s quite a profit!” Jiang Hanfeng laughed as he congratulated her.

In terms of level, mid-tier Demonic Beasts were roughly equivalent to high-tier Yang Opening Realm...

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