Chapter 76: Surrender

Chapter 76: Surrender

Lingyuan Marsh.

Zhou Juanjia and Tang Ming stood side by side on the deck of the “Longwind” and were gazing off into the distance.

Off in the distance, a massive whirlpool was constantly stirring as if there was something beneath the surface trying to swallow up everything.

“Look, that’s the Devilish Whirlpool. The Devilish Crocodile must be nearby!” a pirate yelled as he pointed at the whirpool, unable to conceal the slight tremble of fear in his voice.

In his view, the Devilish Crocodile was the most frightening existence within the whole marsh. Many pirates tried their hardest to avoid it without much success, but his bosses weren’t content with the spoils they had earned and just had to go and chase after the most frighteningly powerful Demonic Beast in the whole marsh. They had to be tired of living[1. The literal translation boils down to something like “old people eating arsenic”.].

He could silently curse and disagree as much as he wanted, but...

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