Chapter 74: Direction

Chapter 74: Direction

Patelocke was convinced.

Even though Su Chen knew that there was the possibility a Light Shaking Realm cultivator would come to give him trouble, he insisted on facing it on his own.

Even so, this was Su Chen.

He was just this kind of person. If a person who dared to attempt to overturn all the Bloodline Nobility Clans on this earth needed backup when faced with a single Light Shaking Realm cultivator, what point was there in even talking about his lofty ideals and grand ambitions?

Since Su Chen had made his mind up to handle it on his own, Patelocke could only help him think up schemes and offer suggestions.

He said after a moment of thought, “There’s still too much of a gap for you to take on a Light Shaking Realm cultivator with your current strength. The easiest way to resolve this problem is for you to...

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