Chapter 72: Night Attack

Chapter 72: Night Attack

News that the Bloodline Nobility Clan Alliance’s fleet had been robbed blew like a gale through every street and alleyway in Clear River City.

Everyone was expressing shock over how someone would dare to act so boldly.

They didn’t know, however, that shocking news always came one after the other.

Su Chen, who had just orchestrated the robbery of the Alliance’s ships, had begun to prepare another piece of news - the death off of Xing Shabei.

One chilly night.

Su Chen donned his evening clothes and made his preparations. He was going over the final details of the plan to make sure that nothing was missing.

He was just thinking to himself when he suddenly felt a shadowy wind blow across his back.


Su Chen was surprised. He quickly extinguished the light and glanced outside, only to find that the main courtyard was filled with boundless black clouds with lightning flickering across their surface. Outside of the Su Palace, however, no one would be able to see any movement. Anyone standing outside wouldn’t see anything strange; only those who had cultivated Origin...

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