Chapter 71: Confrontation

Chapter 71: Confrontation

After completing the transaction, Su Chen didn’t stay any longer. He quickly handed over command to Tang Ming, Zhou Juanjia, and the others. Then, he left the Third River Army behind and hurried back to Clear River City.

Before he left, he didn’t forget to find Tang Ming and ask him for a vial of blood to research, causing Tang Ming to grumble unhappily.

He hurried back to Clear River City under the cover of night. At this point, the sky had yet to brighten, and Clear River City was still quiet and restful.

However, Su Chen knew that this peace and quiet probably wasn’t going to last for much longer.

He didn’t do anything else. Instead, he headed back to the Su Palace to rest.

The next morning, Su Chen was still sleeping when he heard the low ringing of a bell coming from the direction of the docks.


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