Chapter 70: Seizing Boats

Chapter 70: Seizing Boats

“Call me Demon Face,” Su Chen said inside the wine tavern.

Even though using the moniker that he had adopted in the Scarlet Mountain Range might give his identity away, who cared?

Upon hearing Su Chen’s words, the old man chuckled, “Demon Face, huh? Okay, so what kind of services does Demon Face require from this old man?”

Su Chen handed a piece of paper over to the old man.

When the old man glanced at it, his expression visibly froze. “What do you want this information for?”

“That has nothing to do with you,” Su Chen replied.

The old man shrugged. “That’s true. It’s always this stuff anyway. It seems like the Clear River Bloodline Nobility Clans are going to run out of luck soon.”

As he spoke, he suddenly lowered his voice. His lips were moving, but no sound could be heard; however, Su Chen...

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