Chapter 69: Jade Heart Island

Chapter 69: Jade Heart Island

Jade Heart Island was located in a reedy area in Lingyuan Marsh, and the waterways there were particularly winding and accessible. When considering the fact that it was also far away from the city, it was no surprise that it had been infested with pirates a long time ago.

The pirates would often come here to do business after seizing boats and spoils. They would sell what they didn’t need and buy what they needed. Sometimes, they would also trade information, leading to the rise of “blackhands” who specialized in information-related transactions, restoration of objects, searching for lost family heirlooms, etc.

After traveling for two days, the Third River Army arrived at Jade Heart Island.

After arriving on land, Su Chen said, “Everyone is free to do as they please as long as they return after a day. Zhaoxin, Haoli, and Wu Xiao, you three are...

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