Chapter 67: Surrender

Chapter 67: Surrender

The simultaneous attacks of two Yang Opening Realm experts could not be overlooked, and these two were relatively powerful. If they weren’t being obstructed, they probably could have turned the situation around.

Unfortunately, ifs were only ifs.

The advantage created by two Yang Opening Realm experts didn’t even last for more than three seconds before they incurred a ferocious counterattack.

The first to attack was the Yang Opening Realm cultivator who had split the water with his blade strike.

He had just finished swinging his blade when a massive dragon made of water came roaring at him.

This water dragon was extremely large and lifelike. It exuded a powerful aura that was difficult to describe, and even the Yang Opening Realm expert was stunned.

He glanced into the distance. A young man was standing atop the water, gesturing with a single hand. His entire body was already enveloped within a water dragon.

It was Tang Ming.

He was skilled at using water-type...

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