Chapter 66: Water Battle (3)

Chapter 66: Water Battle (3)

A massacre ensued as the demons in the water swarmed forward relentlessly.

The head of the pirates watched as martial artists with long, fish-like tails swam back and forth. They basically never raised their heads from the water. No one knew when they would suddenly appear beneath any given pirate, drag them underwater, and then use their sharp, accurate strength to kill their opponents below the water.

Bloody clouds began to rise to the surface of the water one after another, dyeing the entire area red. The head of the pirates’ heart ached so much that he wanted to die.

He yelled loudly, “All of the Origin Qi Scholars, get close to me!”

At this point and time, there was no longer much point in relying on numbers alone. The only hope they had to change the situation was to rely on their elites’ strength.

All of the Origin Qi Scholars began to slowly gather around the head...

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