Chapter 65: Water Battle (2)

Chapter 65: Water Battle (2)

Standing at the front of the boat, the head of the pirates carefully inspected his surroundings.

The surface of the water was totally calm, as if nothing had happened.

Hundreds of people had jumped into the water, but there was no commotion.

The quiet atmosphere was strange, sending a chill up the head of the pirates’ spine.

“Something’s not right!” he muttered to himself.

“He Laochou, Duan Xiao’er, go down in the water and take a look.”

Two figures dove into the water, creating a beautiful arc in the air before they disappeared without even causing a splash.

They were the best swimmers amongst all the pirates. Their strength was actually multiplied while in the water, and leaping a tier to kill their opponents wasn’t a problem for them.

However, after those two entered the water, no further commotion was seen.

The head of the pirates grew...

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