Chapter 64: Water Battle (1)

Chapter 64: Water Battle (1)

If you traveled south along Long Clear River, the flow of water would become much faster once you passed the North Gaze Gorge.

By following this path in the southwest direction, you would arrive at the Lingyuan Marsh.

The path through Lingyuan Marsh was winding. Three rivers fed into two lakes here, resulting in a very large, fertile plains. This became known as the Three Rivers Plains.

Because of its complex layout, the Lingyuan Marshes became a place where pirates tended to gather.

There were dozens of different groups of pirates gathered in this location.

The smallest pirate group only had a few dozen people and one or two boats, yet they were willing to fly the flag and rob other people. The largest group had nearly eight hundred members, and they could virtually do as they pleased, even daring to attack...

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