Chapter 63: Preparation (2)

Chapter 63: Preparation (2)

After leaving the City Lord’s palace, Su Chen began to head back to his own residence.

He didn’t take a carriage. All he did was have the Blood-Robed Guards follow him.

As they walked, three youths appeared, and they walked in the opposite direction.

Even though they were still a ways off, Su Chen had a feeling as soon as he saw them that they were coming for him.

In addition, the other party gave off a kind of aura that was oddly familiar to him.

He squinted his eyes and stopped moving.

The three youths continued to head in their direction.

They stopped about ten feet in front of Su Chen.

The youth in the middle had long hair that reached past his shoulders, and he had even brushed his hair through a golden hoop. He smiled, revealing his teeth, and said, “Su Chen?”

“How bold!” Upon hearing someone call Su Chen directly by his name, the Blood-Robed Guard Commander barked angrily and...

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