Chapter 62: Preparation (1)

Chapter 62: Preparation (1)

When he left the Origin Bureau, Su Chen not only had Cloud Leopard by his side but also Duan Feng and the others.

Xing Shabei had lowered his head in the end.

There was nothing he could do; with Cloud Leopard providing the means and Su Chen providing the content, Xing Shabei wouldn’t be able to bear it if this matter were to explode on him.

Xin Shabei actually knew exactly why Su Chen was willing to back off. In the end, it was just to scoop up people.

If he continued to press whether or not the convoy had actually been robbed, Xing Shabei wouldn’t be in a good spot, and Duan Feng and the others might die in prison.

Confronting Su Chen over Duan Feng and the others wasn’t worth it.

If Su Chen did his best to try and save them but wasn’t able to, it wouldn’t be his fault. He would be able to win over the hearts of the people regard...

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