Chapter 61: Demanding for People

Chapter 61: Demanding for People

Xing Shabei clenched his hand furiously, shattering the jug of wine that he was holding.

“What a bold tone!” he said darkly. “Then how do you explain the death of City Head Liu and his supporters?”

“City Lord An has already settled the case. You don’t need to ask me about it anymore. If you’re not satisfied with my answer, you can go and ask the City Lord himself personally.”

“I knew that you were going to default to the City Lord. Don’t believe for a second that you can act so fearlessly just because An Siyuan is protecting you!” Xing Shabei stared viciously at Su Chen.

They both knew that they were opponents from the very beginning, so neither was polite to the other. They began to fight almost as soon as they met.

“Then what about City Head Xing? Which clan’s dog are you? Or is there more than one clan feeding you?” Su Chen shot back sarcastically.

“How bold!” Xing Shabei slammed the table with his palm. The table itself was fine, but small cracks began to appear in the ground.

This wasn’t an Origin Skill....

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