Chapter 60: A New City Head

Chapter 60: A New City Head

The next morning, Su Chen, Iron Cliff, and the Shadow Servants returned to Clear River.

When he returned to the Su Palace, Li Shu greeted him happily. “Young Master, you’re back!”

“Mhm. Has the palace been peaceful while I was gone?”

“Everything has been peaceful,” Li Shu hurriedly replied.

Most of the time, Su Chen was buried in his research, so no one would know even if he disappeared for a period of time unless something just so happened to occur.

“Has anything big happened nearby lately?”

“Big? There was something,” Li Shu replied aftering thinking for a moment. “A few days ago, the fleet the ten Bloodline Nobility Clan Alliance sent out encountered a disaster. Apparently, they ran into some bandits, and most of them were wiped out immediately.”

When he heard this, Su Chen laughed, “That’s quite...

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