Chapter 59: Medicine

Chapter 59: Medicine

To the people living in West River Village, this herbal medicine was their defender, allowing them to avoid the curse; however, it was also their jailor, firmly locking them here and not letting them leave.

Su Chen’s words, however, would open up completely new possibilities. They would be able to escape from their shackles and fly free from their cages to explore the broad, vast seas.

However, if anyone thought that this would make them willing to leave, they would be gravely mistaken.

Habit was an extremely powerful force!

They had grown accustomed to living on this piece of earth for generations, making it hard for the people living here to part with it. Many people would rather die than leave the place that had supported them for generations.

The difficult feeling of leaving one’s homeland behind was difficult for outsiders to understand.

Thankfully, Su Chen didn’t intend for them to leave completely. Rather, he was just asking them to hide temporarily when the ten Bloodline Nobility Clans came. There wasn’t...

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