Chapter 57: Stealing a Winning Hand

Chapter 57: Stealing a Winning Hand[1. This is actually a really cool mahjong expression. To the best of my understanding, if multiple people want a certain piece to complete a winning hand, only the closest person wins. This expression has extended to modern lingo to mean something along the lines of stealing away someone’s success right as their on the cusp of it.]

The battle was a complete slaughter.

When it reached its final stages, most of the people remaining didn’t have the will to fight and began to attempt to escape.

At this point, the four Shadow Servants had used up all of their Thunderfire Balls, and the medicinal effects on Iron Cliff had also subsided.

However, people who had lost their bravery had simply lost their bravery. People without the will to fight couldn’t possibly turn around and counterattack.

At this moment, the villagers in the fort charged out with high morale, catching up with Iron Cliff and the others and chasing the remnants.

Even though they were essentially...

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