Chapter 55: Showdown (3)

Chapter 55: Showdown (3)

When he charged out of the forest’s brush, Old Jin saw He Lianwei and Su Chen facing off.

Old Jin was also caught off-guard when he found out that Su Chen was their opponent.

However, what truly shocked him was what Su Chen had said.

He was planning on defeating two Yang Opening Realm cultivators in a two-on-one fight?

Yes, it wasn’t rare in the Primordial Continent for elite Blood Boiling Realm cultivators to defeat opponents of a higher cultivation tier, but that was on the premise that the Blood Boiling Realm cultivator had a high-tier bloodline that could suppress the Yang Opening Realm cultivator’s weaker bloodline.

But who was Su Chen?

He was just a commoner without a bloodline, not even a mixed one. Even so, he still considered himself equal with someone with a high-tier bloodline? How arrogant!

Old Jin was incensed.

This was why, when Su Chen said...

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