Chapter 51: Conflict (2)

Chapter 51: Conflict (2)

When those Vicious Beasts appeared on the top of the fort walls, the Bloodline Nobility Clans didn’t feel any fear. Rather, they revealed excited expressions.

“Is this their trump card? Two top-tier Vicious Beasts?” one of the Origin Qi Scholars laughed coldly. “They’ll be fun to cut our teeth on!”

Top-tier Vicious Beasts weren’t particularly weak, but they were up against numerous Origin Qi Scholars and hundreds of martial artists. It was obvious that they were completely outmatched.

“Since that’s the case, let’s wipe out these two beasts and give those bumpkins a taste of despair!” Shi Zhongwei said, his tone chilly.

With a cry, a boundless wave of killing intent surged forward.

One Origin Qi Scholar after another flew forward and charged at the two top-tier Vicious Beasts. The Origin Qi Scholars began to emit a rainbow-colored brilliance that shot towards those two Vicious Beas...

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