Chapter 50: Fighting (1)

Chapter 50: Fighting (1)

Within Happiness Residing Fort, fighting had finally broken out.

Hundreds of black-clothed martial artists wielding shields in one hand and blades in the other howled as they charged toward the fort.

The villagers standing on the walls of the fort drew their bows, and arrow after arrow flew into the sky, landing on the shields and clattering off. Not many, however, were actually able to hit their targets, and because they weren’t using reinforced bows, the targets they did hit were usually only lightly wounded.

However, the martial artists weren’t experienced soldiers either. This measly shower of arrows was enough to slow them down and even stop them from advancing. There were even a few who turned around to retreat.

At this moment, those responsible for supervising the troops began to act. After killing some of those who had retreated and stabilizing the emotions of the troops, they once again resumed advancin...

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