Chapter 49: Ascending

Chapter 49: Ascending

“What did you say? Zhongshan died too?”

Shi Zhongwei’s voice suddenly jumped an octave, while the temperature in the room suddenly seemed to drop.

As if a gust of wind had suddenly blown past his neck, Lu Shuang shuddered. “It’s all because of my inability.”

“Tell me exactly how he died,” Shi Zhongwei said as he interrupted his subordinate’s apology.

“The villagers in that fort dug a ditch in the ground. When Zhongshan stepped over it, he fell right into the pit. Then, they activated a mechanism, causing a large amount of sand to fall into the pit, burying him alive,” Lu Shuang said, his voice trembling.

“Buried alive......” Shi Zhongwei squeezed out from between his gritted teeth, “You’re telling me that the expert we sent over was buried alive by those villagers?”

“......Yes, sir!”

“The fourth one...... This is already the fourth one. Xiafeng, Gui Yue, Hei Wang, Zhongshan...... They all...

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