Chapter 48: A Cry for Help

Chapter 48: A Cry for Help

In the following days, Su Chen and Iron Cliff camped out in the nearby area, searching for Vicious Beasts to kill to raise their cultivation bases.

Su Chen returned one time and brought a large batch of staple necessities with him, using the necessities to exchange resources with the villagers.

To the villagers, this was much more useful than Origin Stones, and their resentment towards Su Chen for his unwillingness to help them subsided a bit. Their trust in him gradually began to increase.

In reality, some things needed to be built on trust in the first place.

Domesticating Vicious Beasts was West River Forest Village’s key to survival. If they handed it over to anyone who came by and claimed that they had a common enemy, then they really were addled in the head.

That was why Su Chen wasn’t...

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