Chapter 46: Contact (2)

Chapter 46: Contact (2)

The door to the fortified village opened, and a large wave of people poured out through the doorway.

The old man leading the way clasped his hands and said, “My name is Xiu Chalei, and I am the head of the village. Greetings to you, Knowledge Executor Su; please excuse our earlier ignorance.”

“Village Chief Chalei, you’re too polite. It was us who were rude and killed the beast you had tamed. I am willing to make reparations for that,” Su Chen replied.

Upon hearing the matter of compensation, the old man’s eyes immediately lit up. “I knew Knowledge Executor Su was definitely a good friend. Quick, please come in.”

Earlier, when he was descending upon them like a powerful enemy, he hadn’t said anything like that. Now that he mentioned compensation, they were instantly much more excited.

The villagers’ lack of experience, however, didn’t...

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