Chapter 45: Contact (1)

Chapter 45: Contact (1)

These people were wearing tattered garments, and their faces were stained with mud. They were wielding spears.

Upon seeing Iron Cliff, they froze for a moment, but when they saw the horn-blade in Iron Cliff’s hand, their expressions suddenly contorted with rage as they yelled angrily and charged over, stabbing their spears at Iron Cliff.

Iron Cliff didn’t understand where this sudden attack had come from. He was about to retaliate when Su Chen suddenly yelled, “Don’t kill them.”

When he heard this, Iron Cliff was forced to put the horn-blade away.

Even though these people attacked fiercely, they were very weak - only martial artists in the Body Tempering realm. Iron Cliff realized after defending against a few of their blows that they posed no danger to him, so he didn’t even bother to return their blows. Instead, he activated his...

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