Chapter 44: West River Forest (2)

Chapter 44: West River Forest (2)

Su Chen didn’t avoid the microscopic organisms.

At the same time that this red wave entered his body, he ripped apart his clothes and began to inspect his body.

When combined with his internal view technique, he could clearly see what was happening in his body.

He watched as those small red microorganisms burrowed their way into his bones like maggots, distributing themselves into every part of his body, including his heart, intestines, kidneys, stomach, spleen, and even his Qi Sea, where his Origin Energy was stored.

In an instant, Su Chen suddenly found it hard to breathe. His heart rate began to race as his chest felt like it was burning, and he began to feel dizzy.

“Curse......” Su Chen spat out arduously.

“Master!” Iron Cliff could tell that Su Chen’s...

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